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5 Foolproof Tips to Keep Your Dog Out of Your Bed

5 Foolproof Tips to Keep Your Dog Out of Your Bed

If you’re anything like me, it can be a headache to keep your dog from sleeping on your bed. It can be difficult especially if they’ve been pretty much used to making your bed their own. But don’t fret! It’s still totally solvable through the following five foolproof tips I’ve road tested myself:


  1. Train him not to stay on your bed.This means you have to have a command in place that will convey that you don’t approve of him sleeping on your bed. A sample command would be “no” or “off the bed.” You have to be firm when it comes to implementing this so he can easily pick up what you want him to do.
  2. Be consistent.Don’t let him sleep on some instances and not on others, be consistent in your training so that your dog isn’t confused on what you really want to happen. Not following on this might make it harder for your dog to learn the behavior.
  3. Make your bed inaccessible.If you’re going out for work or for other reasons, make sure you close your bedroom door or lock it if he can open it on his own. This will no doubt keep your dog from using your bed while you’re gone.
  4. Reward your dog.One of the best way to keep your dog out of your bed is to reward him every time he heeds your command to leave your bed. In his mind, this will affirm that it’s a positive thing.
  5. Have a suitable alternative.A dog who has his own comfortable bed or place to rest is highly likely to treat your bed or personal space as his. Make sure that he has his own and you’ll never have to worry that he will prefer your bed. We have some very cool beds that we sure you're dog will LOVE. Check them out by clicking here

Start doing any of the above and you’re sure to have some positive results your way! Let us know how it goes!

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