February 12, 2016

As a dog owner, I must admit that my phone gallery consists of 95% pictures of my fur babies, and 5% pictures of the places we have been to. Can you relate? Do you also find it impossible not to take pictures of your dog? You do, don't you? Do not worry, we completely understand! I mean, who could resist not taking your camera's out when your fur baby is doing something cute and funny, right? There are also those times when they are just sitting there, and you can't help but appreciate how cute and adorable they are, so you take just one more photo!

That is completely normal and understandable, especially when we know how much we love these four-legged babies! But what if, your dogs can also take a photo of you? What if the roles were reversed, and it is your dog taking your photos? It does sound a bit impossible, isn't it? But, as they say, nothing is impossible! Check out this video down below.

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