October 30, 2017

With the onset of winter and all the holidays that this season comes with, it is easy to forget all about your dog. While most dogs like German shepherds have thick fur coats to help them through cold seasons, dogs like Chihuahuas are more prone to being easily affected by cold temperatures.
So, what should you do for your dog during such cold periods? There are several tips that will help make your dog more comfortable throughout the winter.
When is it too cold for your dog? Most people just assume that since dogs are animals, they can take care of themselves. To some extent, this is true. However, when it snows it is usually safe to assume that it is too cold for your dog. A good rule is that when it is too cold for you then it is also too cold for your dog. To help reduce the cold, you can buy your dog a Merry Christmas Fleece Sweater Hoodie, dog coat or I Love Mama/Papa hoodie to keep him/her warm.
Apart from buying hoodies, don't let your dog sleep outside when it is snowing as they might not make it through the night. However, if you must leave them out, make sure that their kennels do have blankets as they may get wet and freeze thus making it uncomfortable for them.
A good alternative would be to line the floor of your dog's kennel with straw. For those who want to make sure that their dogs truly survive the winter comfortably, you could buy them Plaid Slipper Beds or the 25" Round Dog Puppy Ultra Cave Bed for indoor use.
Another tip for the winter is to always check your dog's paws for salt residue that might have found it's way there from the road. Rock salt stuck between your dog's toes can chap them and lead to discomfort. To counter this, buy your dog boots such as the Dog Cotton Snow Shoes which will keep his/her paws dry and salt free.
And there you have it folks; a few general tips to make sure that your dog comfortably makes it through the winter. 
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