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Hiking With Your Dog? Here's Your Checklist!

Hiking With Your Dog? Here's Your Checklist!

Last blog post, we discussed about planning holiday vacation with your dog. In this post, we will focus on hiking and going on outdoor adventures with your furry friends.

Hiking with your pets is truly a remarkable experience for the both of you. Of course, as pet owners, it is normal for you to have questions at first. And some concerns, too. It is completely understandable. I have dogs at home, too, and I am almost always worried whenever I take them out for a hike. But I know that as long as I keep these precautions and safety rules in mind, my pets will be safe.

One of the most common questions is "what should I bring?"

Important stuff to bring when it comes to hiking or camping with your pets includes the following:

  • Dog Water bowl - For camping.
  • Portable bottle - For hiking. You must keep attention and make sure your dog is keep drinking on and on.
  • Snacks/heavy meal
  • Dog carriers (dog backpacks) – just in case you need to carry your dog.
  • Sunblock for your dog – yes, they exist. Note: some experts recommend that zinc oxide not be used on pets.
  • An extra leash – preferably short ones. Retractable leashes are dangerous when hiking. It is also important to make sure the leash is attached to a sturdy harness instead of the collar.
  • Lightweight camp crate
  • A heated pad – if you’re hiking on the cold weather.
  • Extra towels/blankets
  • Dog boots
  • Make sure your dog is wearing a collar/ID with his/her name and your contact details on it.

Before you go hiking on a rough terrain, make sure you take your dog for some “short hikes” weeks prior. This will help train and condition your dog so he/she will be ready for the real thing.

While on the hike, check your dog’s paw pads every now and then. It is crucial that you check for any thistles, debris, or signs of soreness. This is also why it is important to bring some boots for your dog, as well. If you do find some of the things mentioned above, you can use Bag Balm or Vaseline to soothe your pet’s raw paw pads.

Take a little break every now and then to give your pet a drink, and check their bodies for parasites. Please keep an eye on your pet at all times. Do not let them wander into the bushes where they can pick up poisonous plants.

It is also important to make sure the place you’re hiking to is dog-friendly. If you need to bring a stick to make sure there are no snakes on your dog’s path, do it.

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