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Oral Hygiene Tips For Your Dog

Oral Hygiene Tips For Your Dog

Oral Hygiene Tips For Your Dog

Having a dog is fun and anyone with a furry buddy can tell you how many perks you have to look forward to. It is also a full time job with responsibilities ranging from taking care of the dog’s health to training and behavior reinforcement. One thing that many new dog owners and a few veteran ones do not know is that the dog’s oral hygiene is something that cannot be compromised on. Below is all you need to know about why this is so important and how best to keep your dog’s mouth clean and healthy. 

Why you need to invest in oral hygiene

Before we get into details about the risks of ignoring oral hygiene for your dog, it is important to understand why dogs actually need it. You are probably asking yourself why your dog would need extra dental attention while other wild animals get along just fine. In a nutshell, it all boils down to the pet’s domesticated diet. Out in the wild, carnivores like dogs feed exclusively on raw meat. With pets on the other hand, the food provided usually includes things like carbohydrates that facilitate bacterial and fungal overgrowth in the mouth. As a result, it is important to tend to the pet’s oral hygiene. Failure to do so will result in numerous dental problems including:
- Horrible dog breath
- Gum infections
- Tooth cavities
- Tartar and plaque buildup
- Weakened teeth

Tools to help with dog oral hygiene
Having understood the importance of keeping your dog’s mouth clean and healthy, the next challenge is figuring out exactly how to do it. In this case, there are numerous ways to ensure that the dog’s mouth is at all times clean. Below are 3 of the most effective ways.

1. Actual brushing of the teeth
Do not worry; you don’t have to wrestle your little buddy into the bathroom every morning and evening for this. In this case, the best thing to do is to leave it to the professionals and have it scheduled as an occasional service along with things like haircuts and nail trimming. This helps remove any plaque or tartar built up between sessions.

2. Dog chewing rubber balls
This is the more plausible and sustainable option when it comes to ensuring dog oral hygiene. Rubber chewing balls are perfect for ensuring that the dog’s mouth remains clean and healthy. One way they do this is by literally rubbing food residue off the dog’s teeth and gums.
Some of the best on the market include the Dog Toy Chewing Rubber Ball with Food Dispense and Rope toys

3. Water with every meal
This simple step helps to ensure that food particles are washed out of the mouth after the meal. That way, there are no residues left behind to facilitate microbial overgrowth that leads to dental problems. 

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