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Become an Affiliate / Brand Ambassador

Do you have a blog or a large social following? 

If so, you could get paid to play with your dog! 

Brand Ambassador Program

Doggy-market.com offers a generous brand ambassador program. Brand ambassadors get: 

  • 50% discount on all items at doggy-market.com
  • A personal affiliate link to post on social media or your website
  • Generous commissions on each sale (30% of each sale goes to you - that's 4x what Amazon pays! And well over half of the profits.)
  • Regular promotions and free marketing support to ensure you make consistent sales

How it works

People love to buy from people whose opinions they trust. You can share your link any way you like, but the best way is: 

  • Use the product yourself
  • Film/photograph it in use 
  • Tell them how you feel about the product/us (the good and the bad)
  • Tag us on your social media of choice
  • Post a link directly to the product if you're talking about the product. Or if you're talking about us, link to our home page. 


  • 30% commissions on each sale within 30 days of clicking your link
  • We pay commissions weekly via paypal


  • A website, a YouTube channel, or a social media following
  • PayPal

Sound interesting? Click here to apply

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