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Designed Soft Mat Bed

Order soft mats and beds for your soft furry friends

If your dog is living it down with a matty mangled bed, it's time to upgrade to a much softer, cozier, and comfortable mat.

Our soft mat bed is available online in two colors and four sizes, ensuring no matter how big or small your dog is, it has the perfect bed to sleep soundly in. The dog beds are designed with high-quality fleece and polyester, making them easy to clean and perfect for machine washing.

The blue dog beds are embellished with a paw and bone print, while the cat mat bed comes in brown color with pink, white, blue, and yellow fish.

These beds add more personality and charm to your pets, making them much more adorable. So, what're you waiting for? Browse our online shop and order today!

This designed mat will keep your dog warm and cozy!

We have many sizes to support all kinds of both cats and dogs.

It's made of soft Fleece and Polyester.

Machine washable and very easy to clean.

Please note that the Small size is designed for cats!

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