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Dog Car Seat Booster

Buy a dog car seat booster and drive without any distractions

It doesn't matter how old or big your dog is; it can suffer from car sickness and be uncomfortable throughout the drive, making it difficult for you to concentrate on the road, leading to terrible accidents.
But how do you overcome the issue without leaving your dogs at home every time you head out on the road? Simple, you buy a dog car seat booster that offers safety, comfortability, and much more more.
Our dog car seat booster is perfect for dogs up to 20lbs, offers ample room for chew toys and treats, is easy to install, reduces distractions, and lets your doggo enjoy the view. So what're you waiting for? Buy now!
Whether your dog is a puppy or a small breed, your dog will love this doggy car seat booster: 

✔ Lets your dog enjoy the view

✔ Reduces car sickness and anxiety

✔ Reduce driver distraction

✔ So comfy your dog can nap in it - perfect for long drives

✔ Installs in seconds without special equipment

✔ Machine washable liner

✔ Storage space for treats and toys

✔ Suitable for dogs up to 20lbs

Is your dog suffering from car sickness/car anxiety? (it can be hard to tell)

Dogs get car sick just like we do. But they have a hard time communicating. And they feel unwell long before they start vomiting. So you have to be on the lookout. Have you noticed any of the following in your dog? If so they might be suffering in silence: 

  • Inactivity
  • Uneasiness
  • Yawning
  • Whining
  • Excessive drooling
  • Licking of the lips

Why car sickness happens, and why small dogs and puppies suffer the most

Car sickness happens when your dogs sense of balance and sense of sight don't match up. When your dog feels movement but sees nothing moving, it causes uneasiness, and sometimes vomiting. 

Small dogs have a hard time with car sickness because they can't see out the window. Letting them see out the window helps them feel at ease and can reduce the chance of car sickness. 

If you've got a puppy, it's even worse. Not only can they not see, but their sense of balance isn't fully developed yet. The poor things! 

...That's why a car seat booster should be manadatory for small dogs and puppies

Installing a car seat booster helps your dog feel comfortable and reduces the chance of car sickness, because now your dog's eyes match up with what it is feeling. 

The seat height is adjustable, so you can always get it high enough for your dog to look out the window. 

If you have a puppy, it's incredibly important that you make early car rides as comfortable as possible. Sometimes a bad experience in early age causes car anxiety as an adult dog. 

Reduce driver distraction

Hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents happen every year because of driver distraction. And sadly some of these accidents were because of an excitable dog. 

Our car seat booster helps keep your dog calm and in one place. This dog booster seat comes with a clip that attaches to any dog harness to stop your dog from jumping about. 

Easy to install - just throw the loop over your car's headrest

...That's all there is to it. As long as your car seat has a headrest, it will attach securely. This dog booster seat is suitable for front seats or for back seats.  

Extra storage for toys and treats

Going on a fun adventure with your dog? Don't forget treats and toys! This seat comes equipped with a storage area that's big enough to fit all the treats you'll ever need, plus one or two favorite toys. 

This makes it more convenient to reward your dog for being a good little boy or girl in the car. 

No more hair everywhere!

As much as we love our dogs, cleaning up after them can be a nightmare! This car seat booster makes your job a little easier. Instead of reaching in with a hoover to suck up fur all over your seat and floor... just take out the lining of your booster seat, and throw it in the washing machine!

Simple and hygienic. 

Frequently asked questions

Can multiple dogs fit in one seat?

  • Though they may fit, we don't recommend it. There is only one clip to attach to your dog's harness. If you've got two dogs, we recommend buying two 

Why do you recommend a harness? 

  • Because it's safer that way. Attaching to a collar can cause strangulation if you ever need to stop suddenly or get into an accident. 

Is it adjustable?

  • Yes, the straps adjust so that your dog can always see out the window

What size dog is it suitable for?

  • Any size up to 20lb. If you're not sure how much your dog weighs, click here for a rough guide

When will I receive it? 

  • In most cases you will get it within 2-3 weeks. We will let you know if there is expected to be a delay .
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    My little dog loves her bed. She snuggles in it every day. My friend brought her dog over for visit and do I need to say she ended up with one too. I give her a great rating. Thanksgiving

    Madeline S.
    United States United States
    Dog Car Seat Booster

    My little 4 lb. puppy goes in it but I have to have a small cooler under the bottom of it because it is so flimsy. I don't think my bigger pup who weights 9 lbs would be able to ride in it because it is so flimsy. Otherwise a great concept if made with heavier material. I still use mine with extra support underneath and she loves it.

    Bobbi J.
    United States

    I am just writing to say, that on your description of the item, you say the seat comes with a strap with a hook on it for your dogs harness or collar. You should never ever hook that to a pets collar, only a harness. If there is an accident, and the pet is ejected from the seat, it could be hanged by the collar. Always attach to the pets harness , in a pet seat, NEVER a collar.

    Bensenville, Il
    Dog car seat

    My dog loves it and I feel she is safer! I highly recommend it.

    Linda M.
    United States

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